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FNQ Ecosystem

Objectives - Regional Outcomes

The long-term aim of the Program is for Far North Queensland and Torres Strait (referred to here as FNQ) to create an “innovation hotbed”.

The following have been determined as the key measurable outcomes which depict success

  1. Enabling jobs. New jobs and new industries.
  2. Harnessing more of what we have. An abundant investment approach to the natural resources, assets, businesses, opportunities and ideas within the Region.
  3. Measurable growth. Concentration of investment attraction within the Region.
  4. Retaining and attracting talent. Enabling of opportunities for young people and skilled experts to remain in/come to the Region.

Ignite FNQ Ecosystem Delivery

FNQ Ecosystem

Key to the success of the Program will be the in-kind personnel support which leverages communities, businesses and individuals willing to support the long-term sustainability of the Program. Ecosystem delivery will occur via the Project Delivery Team’s integrated owner’s model of incorporating program funding and founding member and advisory panel personnel.

In conjunction with 25 businesses representing over 700 collaboration partners across the region, the following list illustrates Ignite FNQ’s accepted principles of operation for project delivery.

  • Inclusive of all communities
  • Respectful and trustworthy
  • Generous
  • Fostering an abundance mentality
  • Enabling jobs/growth/retaining young people
  • Developing measureable outcomes framework based on forecasts using predictive analytics
  • Utilising existing knowledge where it exists
  • Identifying and playing to the Region’s strengths
  • Fail forward culture development
  • Collaborative
  • Providing grass roots decentralised autonomy
  • Connecting into other ecosystems
  • Minimisation of bureaucracy/agile